This release was issued under a previous government.

“I was very pleased to see the Senate committee endorse a vision for Canada that sees governments across the country working together to develop our natural resources, support industry and diversify our markets in a way that builds our nation and strengthens our economy.

“This report supports a proposed Canadian Energy Strategy, and encourages Canada’s provincial governments, together with Ottawa, to coordinate the expansion of energy infrastructure throughout the country, ensuring that production remains sustainable, and managing the development of our resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. We can and should open new doors to international markets, fully transform Canada into a global energy leader, and build an integrated energy economy.

“The committee recommends collaborative leadership amongst all levels of government and, indeed, amongst all Canadians, to chart a course for the responsible development and marketing of our energy resources. This is exactly the approach that is needed and what I am advocating with a Canadian Energy Strategy. Building Canada’s energy future is not about individual or provincial interests. It’s about a pan-Canadian initiative to further enhance the prosperity of all Canadians. We need to build bridges, not barriers, and I hope that other provincial and federal leaders across this country would agree.

“The report talks about developing markets through our collective energy strengths from coast to coast. This is an important component of a Canadian Energy Strategy. Each province and region of Canada has its own energy strengths, be it coal, hydroelectric and other renewable fuels, oil, and natural gas, and we need to continue to find new and more effective ways of utilizing and marketing our energy. A foundation of a Canadian Energy Strategy, that all Premiers have agreed on, is that it would respect each province’s jurisdiction over its resources.

“I thank the Senate committee for this important work and I look forward to working with my fellow Premiers at our upcoming Council of the Federation meeting in Halifax on achieving this shared vision for Canada.”


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