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Speech from the Throne highlights government actions so Alberta and Albertans reach their full potential

Government outlines bold plan to reshape Alberta.

Smart spending and investing in Albertans through education, health, and strong and safe communities are among government’s plans to reach Alberta’s full potential outlined in the Speech from the Throne, delivered February 7 by Lieutenant Governor Donald S. Ethell.

“Your government will help Alberta families and businesses adapt and build a province that present and future generations will be proud of,” said Premier Alison Redford. “We will secure Alberta’s future with smart spending and by improving our competitiveness in global markets. We will listen to Albertans, engage them on issues that matter and bring about the change they want and need.”

The Throne Speech also outlines government’s plans to:

  • strengthen the province’s finances through a results-based budgeting approach, along with predictable, three-year funding cycles for education, advanced education and municipalities;
  • examine the government’s fiscal framework to ensure Albertans’ tax dollars are spent appropriately and saved wisely for the future;
  • improve access to primary health care for all Albertans by implementing three family care clinic pilot projects;
  • work with municipalities for strong and safe communities;
  • provide local Health Advisory Councils with a more active voice and greater input in decisions that affect their communities;
  • cooperate closely and openly with the federal government;
  • build a Canadian Energy Strategy to help Alberta diversify its energy customer base and achieve the greatest returns; and,
  • develop Alberta’s natural resources responsibly in the interest of all Albertans.

The full text of the Throne Speech is available at

Backgrounder: Throne Speech highlights

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Jay O’Neill
Director of Communications
Office of the Premier


Throne Speech Highlights


  • Budget 2012 will bring predictable funding on a three-year cycle to education, advanced education and municipalities.
  • Government’s new budgetary review process will include a results-based approach.
  • Entire fiscal framework will be examined to ensure government spends Albertans’ tax dollars appropriately, while saving for the future.
  • Reviews of the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, Sustainability Fund, capital and infrastructure projects, gaming revenue, operating budget and income taxes and existing government programs.


  • Give every Albertan the opportunity to benefit from a cutting-edge education, from kindergarten to post-secondary.
  • Strengthen Alberta’s post-secondary sector.
  • Increase the supply of highly-skilled, educated and innovative people and high-performance work environments.


  • Improve access to primary care for all Albertans.
  • Implement three pilot projects this spring with family care clinics staffed by multi-disciplinary teams of health care professionals.
  • Give local Health Advisory Councils a more active voice and greater input in decisions that impact their communities.
  • Provide seniors with supports, services and care they need to remain healthy, happy and productive.
  • Empower the Alberta Health Quality Council to make sure the health care system delivers timely, unprejudiced and equitable outcomes in which Albertans can have confidence.

Strong Communities

  • Work with partners to ensure Alberta’s vibrant arts and culture scene flourishes.
  • Continue support for anti-gang initiatives to ensure safe communities.
  • Build on the long tradition of effective partnerships with municipal governments and review the Municipal Sustainability Initiative to streamline the program and increase its flexibility to give municipalities greater ability to meet local needs.
  • Initiate a comprehensive Northern Alberta Development Strategy to help the region continue to grow and develop with an outstanding quality of life.
  • Use Albertans’ contributions to the Property Rights Task Force to make common sense decisions on this issue.

Energy, Environment and International

  • Better integrate global strategies to bolster Alberta’s reputation abroad and showcase our diversity in everything from tourism to arts and culture, education, and trade and investment opportunities.
  • Work to develop a Canadian Energy Strategy and design initiatives to access global markets and assist Canadians and our trading partners in understanding Alberta’s energy goals.
  • Partner with the federal government to promote Alberta’s energy sector and develop an improved oil sands environmental monitoring program that is among the best in the world.
  • Invest in emerging technologies that keep Alberta beautiful and its economy healthy.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Jay O’Neill
Director of Communications
Office of the Premier

To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.