The 2019 Lacombe Field Day takes place Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at the Lacombe Field Crop Development Centre. Registration begins at 9 am, with the tour running from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Learning sessions include:

  • Advances in spring and winter triticale - a look at 3 recently released new winter triticale varieties that significantly out yield all triticale checks, and also show better forage quality and digestibility. Will also discuss two recently released spring triticale varieties.
  • Barley for forage production – forage focused barley breeding and how to use prominent and upcoming forage barley varieties.
  • New barley varieties - newly released malting and feed and forage varieties, as well as a look at upcoming varieties.
  • Disease resistance - hands on demonstration of disease on barley and wheat. It covers the impacts of cereal diseases, and why genetic resistance is an essential part of a management plan.
  • Pea leaf weevil - the influence legumes have on the quality of following malting barley crops.
  • Cultural weed control - managing diverse weeds with a combination of cultural weed control methods including rotation, seeding rate, silage practices, and chaff collection.
  • Why add N to peas - Exploring pea protein and fractionation opportunities.
  • Forages.

Register for the Lacombe Field Day, presented by Alberta Barley. Registration is $20 and includes lunch.