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Schools have implemented strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the high school experience for students and teachers through changes to one or more of these areas:

  • school structure
  • school culture
  • school pedagogy
  • school leadership


School structure

School structure includes organizational structures that allow learning to occur under a variety of circumstances and conditions including: flexible schedules, year-round calendars, modified timetables.


School culture

School culture is made up of the values, beliefs and shared meaning of all stakeholders. Elements include:

  • student voice;
  • engagement; and
  • caring, respectful learning environments.


School leadership

School leadership has a key role in improving classroom practice, informing school policies and making connections beyond the walls of the school building. Successful rethinking of high schools requires leadership at all levels to lead change.


School pedagogy

School pedagogy is the art and science of teaching and refers to the styles and methods of instruction used in the teaching profession, including grading practices, assessment, and instructional strategies.