Status: Received royal assent December 5, 2019
Ministry responsible: Treasury Board and Finance


The Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2019 changes 11 pieces of legislation to streamline overburdened processes and eliminate outdated rules.

The changes speed up regulatory approvals to attract investment as part of our commitment to further cut red tape in government and make life easier for Albertans. Suggestions can be shared at

Key changes

The act will update or repeal the following legislation:

Agriculture and Forestry

  • Change the delegation of approving entry into Forest Management Agreements from an Order in Council to a Ministerial Order (changes the Forest Act)

Community and Social Services

  • Repeal the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Foundation Act as the foundation has not existed since 2002 and its functions are no longer part of the Persons with Development Disabilities program

Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women

  • Remove a provision that prescribes the management and display of items in the Glenbow Institute’s collection (changes the Glenbow-Alberta Institute Act)


  • Repeal the Small Power Research and Development Act as all contracts under this act have concluded and the Small Scale Generation Regulation already supports market-based electricity generation from renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Modernize the Hydro and Electric Energy Act and remove unnecessary requirements for small scale and low-impact hydroelectric development


  • Dissolve the Health Professions Advisory Board, which has not been active since 2012, as recommended by the Public Agency Secretariat as part of the review of agencies, boards and commissions (changes the Health Professionals Act)
  • Repeal outdated references to “chiropractic services” under the “basic health services,” as these have not been covered since 2009 (changes the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act)
  • Change legal requirements so its easier to provide valid consent through the online registry (changes the Human Tissue and Organ Donation Act)
  • Update the board’s appointment under the MSI Foundation Act to streamline recruitment, repeal an approval requirement to preserve the foundation’s autonomy and modernize for efficiencies and clarify the legislation

Municipal Affairs

  • Streamline provisions that are hampering administrative efficiencies for municipalities (changes the Municipal Government Act)
  • Enable the adoption of upcoming building and fire code updates, which will allow for taller wood constructions, by repealing a legislative provision that restricts wood construction to six storeys in height (changes the Safety Codes Act)

Next steps

The act came into effect December 5, 2019.