Alberta has approximately 310 industrial railways, five heritage railways and two public railways which are provincially regulated. Railways are an integral part of the province's transportation system facilitating the movement of 70 million tons of goods within the province each year. This includes petroleum, forest and agriculture products as well as other manufactured and consumer products.

Provincially regulated railways operate in accordance with the Railway (Alberta) Act. Alberta Transportation, Dangerous Goods and Rail Safety branch is responsible for administering the Act and associated rules, regulations and standards.

Some of the areas rail safety is responsible for:

  1. inspecting new construction and issuing approvals for construction
  2. approving applications for operating certificates
  3. conducting compliance reviews of operations including training, procedures and company inspections
  4. conducting inspections of rolling stock, crossing signals, dangerous goods loading racks and track
  5. investigation of incidents
  6. legislative review
  7. enforcement

Railway (Alberta) Act

Railway Regulations AR 177/2002

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For CN and CP Crossing issues, contact Transport Canada at:

Toll free: 1-888-463-0521

For information on industrial, shortline or heritage railways, contact:

Alberta Environmental and Dangerous Goods Emergencies (EDGE)
Phone: 780-422-9600
Toll free in Alberta: 800-272-9600