Pea Nutrient Requirements in Alberta

With the introduction of new pea cultivars that featured improved agronomic traits, Alberta pea acreage rose from less than 10,000 acres in the mid 1970's to more than 640,000 acres in 2000. As acreage grew, so did the demand for information on the nutrient requirements for pea being grown in Alberta. Much of this interest focused on whether inoculant, nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers were needed for this crop under Alberta conditions.

Land Rolling Guidelines for Pulse Crops in Western Canada

Pulse production in Western Canada has made land rolling a common practice on the farm. Land rolling is done to ease harvest operations as well as aid in producing a high quality pulse crop. There is limited research on land rolling of pulse crops. Three trials have been completed in western Canada: one on lentil in Saskatchewan, one on field pea in Alberta and one on dry edible bean and pea in Manitoba. Pulse crop growers have also provided their experience on land rolling of pulse crops.

Varieties of Pulse Crops for Alberta

This publication provides information on cereal and oilseed variety performance within Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. Important agronomic characteristics are provided in tabular form for varieties of wheat, oat, barley, rye, triticale, flax and canola. Test results and updated tables are reviewed and updated annually.