Interlibrary loan infrastructure and delivery

Resource sharing is a key priority for public libraries in Alberta. To meet this priority, Public Library Services Branch supports both the back-end and patron-facing technology required for resource sharing. The province also supports part of the physical delivery of materials to libraries.

TAL Online and VDX

The province funds a union catalogue that allows Albertans to search all public (and most academic) libraries at once. TAL Online allows library cardholders access to library holdings across the province and gives them the ability to place request on materials not available at their local libraries.

The province also funds and supports VDX, an interlibrary loan system that automates the processing of requests. Librarians use the system to fill requests from libraries across the province.

Government courier service

Through an agreement with Service Alberta, Public Library Services Branch facilitates delivery of library materials to all library systems and to several municipalities through the Alberta courier service.

Library locations on Government of Alberta Provincial Delivery