The Government of Alberta supports seamless access to library resources for Albertans. Albertans holding a public library card that is eligible for Alberta-wide Borrowing may borrow on site from any public library participating in the Public Library Network. Public Library Services Branch enable Alberta-wide Borrowing through technological infrastructure and through delivery service.

Alberta-wide Borrowing is governed by the provincial Resource Sharing Operational Policy for Public Libraries.

Public Library Services Branch supports both the back-end and patron-facing technology required for resources sharing. The province also supports part of the physical delivery of materials to libraries.

ME Libraries

ME Libraries is a web-based service that allows patrons with a library card from a participating library to create an account with and access the physical collections at all other participating libraries. This allows patrons to use their home library card as their library card at any participating library they have registered with. Cardholders from eligible libraries have access to over 14 million items over 300 libraries.

ME Libraries Video