Public library boards are subject to many other laws and regulations besides the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation. This includes, but is not limited to the following legislation.

Alberta Employment Standards Code

As employers, library boards must adhere to the minimum employment standards for employers and employees in Alberta workplaces.

Occupational Health and Safety Act, code and regulation

Provincial occupational health and safety legislation sets rules for safety in the workplace.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

As public boards, library boards must follow the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act) that governs the use and release of records of public organizations in Alberta.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Part of the Canadian constitution, this federal legislation outlines the basic freedoms entitled to all Canadians.

Copyright Act

This federal legislation outlines how individuals and corporations can use copyrighted material.

Human rights legislation

This legislation prohibits discrimination on various grounds and helps ensure equal treatment for everyone. There is both provincial and federal legislation related to human rights.

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