According to the Libraries Act, public library boards may pass bylaws for the safety and use of library facilities. These bylaws protect your library, and the people and things within it.

  • Your board's bylaws carry the same legal weight as bylaws that are passed by your municipality.
  • Think of bylaws as policies that are legally enforceable. They are rules for your library that you can ask law enforcement personnel to uphold.

Library board bylaws must be read and passed three times by your library board, just like municipal bylaws must be read and passed three times by municipal council.

  • Normally, the three readings must be done over at least two board meetings, but you can hold all three readings at the same meeting if the board unanimously passes a motion to do so.

Once your board has passed its bylaws three times, a copy must be sent to municipal council for presentation at a council meeting.

  • If your council accepts the bylaws, they are now legal and enforceable by local law enforcement personnel.
  • If your council does not accept the bylaws, they are disallowed, and they will be sent back to your board for revision.

If your bylaws are disallowed, it's a good idea to ask your council why the bylaws were disallowed, so you can make appropriate changes that will be acceptable to municipal council.

  • After the bylaws are changed, they must be read and passed three times by your board once again before they are sent back to municipal council.

More information about library bylaws and a sample bylaw are linked below: