Government policy

All public agencies will undergo regular review processes to ensure they are meeting their mandates and that they continue to be aligned with government direction.


Regular reviews of the mandate and purpose of a public agency will allow government and the public agency to determine if:

  • the work of the public agency is still relevant to the needs of the province
  • the public agency is aligned with government priorities
  • the operations and functions are being carried out in a manner that can achieve government objectives

The reviews will be conducted at least every seven years, earlier if there is a significant reorganization of government functions, or if government wishes to realign its priorities. A minister may also initiate an ad-hoc review at any time at their discretion. The review process and criteria will be the same for both types of review.

The responsible minister will lead the review.

Review process


The minister will initiate the review (regular or ad-hoc) of the public agencies for which they are responsible according to the criteria set out in the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA) (PDF, 529 KB).

Once the review is completed, the minister will take any required actions to ensure the public agency continues to meet its mandate.


Each department is responsible for scheduling, planning, conducting and reporting on the review of their public agencies according to the processes set out in APAGA and in consultation with the PAS.

Each department will be responsible for working with the Minister, the public agency and the PAS to make any changes emerging from the review.

Public Agency Secretariat (PAS)

The PAS will work with the minister, department and public agency throughout the review process.

Public Agency

The public agency will work with the minister, department and the PAS throughout the review process.