The Government of Alberta uses a competency-based process for the recruitment and appointment of members to public agencies.

The centralized recruitment approach ensures effective, consistent, and efficient processes are being used to fill board vacancies, including matching skills, knowledge, and competencies to the requirements of each ABC board. Competency-based recruitment and appointment processes directly contribute to public agencies fulfilling their mandates and increasing public confidence.

By public agencies developing a competency matrix and identify skill requirements, agency governance is strengthened.

Centralized Recruitment

To establish a platform to further increase opportunities for efficiencies and consistencies across the government, the recruitment process for public agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs) is centralized through the Public Agency Secretariat (PAS).

Centralized recruitment ensures effective processes are in place in order for vacancies to be filled efficiently and with certainty that the appropriate skills and competencies are represented on boards.

Pre-appointment conflict screening

By assessing real or apparent conflict of interest of individuals before being appointed to a public agency, it is determined if a conflict can be adequately managed. Where members are appointed with manageable conflicts, the board is made aware to make informed decisions about mitigation strategies. Where it is determined that a conflict cannot be mitigated to an acceptable level to the board or minister, the appointment should not proceed.

Board chairs and members should be familiar with the requirements under the Conflicts of Interest Act as well as the obligations for designated Senior Officials where applicable.

Competency Matrix

By each public agency having a Competency Matrix, when vacancies arise, these matrices allow for easy identification of the skills, experience and knowledge their members require as a collective, and identifies how each individual contributes to meeting these needs.

The Competency Matrix should be developed by the public agency's governing body. Contact the Public Agency Secretariat at [email protected] for assistance.

Succession Planning

All public agencies should engage in regular, ongoing succession planning. When recruiting future public agency members, succession planning should include processes for identifying competencies and ensuring appropriate transfer of knowledge within the public agency.

Succession planning is critical to fill vacancies in a timely manner, address competencies and skills required by the public agency to fulfill its mandate, and ensure an effective transition for newly appointed members. As every public agency is unique, consideration for specific roles and responsibilities is essential.