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Mental Health Review Panel Roster

Competition #: 658
Ministry: Health
Opening Date: 07/09/2019
Closing Date: 08/05/2019
Role: Vice-Chair - Central
Role Required

The Minister of Health is seeking Albertans interested in serving as a vice-chair on the central panel for the Mental Health Review Panel Roster starting in fall 2019. Are you passionate about protecting patient rights? Do you have an interest in Alberta’s mental health system?

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community and further your professional development? If you answered yes to any of these questions, serving on the Mental Health Review Panel Roster (roster) may be just the opportunity you are looking for.

The chair position will be appointed to the Central panel and three vice-chair positions will be appointed to the North, Central and South panels. Travel may be required to cover all three panels.
About the Agency

The roster plays an important role in protecting the rights of patients in facilities and individuals subject to community treatment orders. The roster is an adjudicative body that considers applications pertaining to:

  • Cancellation of admission and renewal certificates for patients detained in designated facilities;
  • Return of a patient to a correctional facility after treatment;
  • Cancellation of community treatment orders;
  • Patient competence to make treatment decisions;
  • Administration of treatment to patients who object to it under the Mental Health Act (Act).

The roster provides services to cover the three regions across the province: Edmonton and North (North Panel), Central Alberta (Central Panel), and Calgary and South (South Panel).

The roster has three chairs and three vice-chairs appointed. In addition to the chairs and vice-chairs, the roster includes psychiatrist members, physician members, and public members. Each hearing panel has four members: one chair/vice-chair, one psychiatrist member, one physician member, and one public member. The roster maintains a large number of members to schedule hearings.

Role Description

This is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to provide a valuable service to their community, and for those interested in helping uphold the rights of mental health patients in our province. This unique position provides a multi-faceted insight into Alberta’s health care system as well as continued professional development.

  • The chair/vice-chair position is required to be a registered active member in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta.
  • The chair will lead the roster in conducting hearings, meetings and all business of the roster. While ensuring principles of administrative law are met, the chair will guide the roster in working with various stakeholders to provide integrity to the panel process and outcome. The chair is also required to organize and manage performance of other members.
  • The vice-chair position will act in the absence, or inability to act, of the chair.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and ability and willingness to travel throughout Alberta is required.
  • Willingness to drive a personal/rented vehicle and/or car pool with other panel members to be fiscally responsible may be considered an asset.
Skills and Experience Required

The chair is required to be a registered active member in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta.

Relevant Professional/Volunteer Experience

Governance experience:

  • The ideal candidate has experience or knowledge of board governance in the private, public and/or volunteer/non-profit sector.


  • The ideal candidate has experience, knowledge or expertise experience in administrative law, trials, adjudicative bodies and principles with the ability to exercise objectivity, sound judgement, and diligence.

Specialized Contextual Knowledge

Government/public policy knowledge:

  • The ideal candidate has knowledge of the Act, related regulations and human rights, privacy and other legislation that impacts the work of the roster, as well as administrative law principles.

Industry/sector knowledge:

  • The ideal candidate has knowledge of the mental health system.


Leadership skills in guiding the roster with:

  • Chairing and conducting hearings/meetings
  • Leading a board, organization, or group
  • Leading group decision making
  • Performance management
  • Ability to build confidence in the integrity of the panel process and ensure patients’ rights are understood and protected
  • Flexibility in scheduling with team members to meet time commitment required (e.g., conduct hearings and provide written decisions within the timelines specified in the Act)

Communication/listening skills:

  • Ability to write decisions
  • Ability to listen and review information from multiple sources

Critical thinking/problem solving skills:

  • Ability to analyse and synthesize information from several sources
Remuneration and Time Commitment

This is not a salaried position. The chair and vice-chair may receive remuneration in accordance with the Mental Health Review Panel Regulation:

  • $790 for up to and including four hours in any day; and
  • $197 for each additional hour or part of an hour in the day spent on business of the review panel.

Members may also be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the course of performing their duties as members in accordance with the Public Service Relocation and Employment Expenses Regulation and the Government of Alberta’s Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense Policy.

The number of hearings may vary from one year to the next. In 2017/18, the roster held 2,714 hearings across the three panels. On average, the chair attends two thirds of hearings and the vice-chair attends one third.

Additional Documentation

Applicants must be 18 years of age or over and should indicate in their resume or cover letter any previous or current appointments to government, private or not-for profit sector agencies, boards or committees.

The following will NOT be considered for appointment:

  • Employees of Alberta Health;
  • Individuals whose appointment would result in an actual or perceived conflict of interest that cannot be managed; and
  • Individuals who are not registered members of the Law Society of Alberta.

Although efforts will be made to draw upon members who reside in or near communities where the hearing will occur, substantial travel may still be required to fulfill this role.

Candidates will be requested to submit the following FIVE documents to complete your full application. Links to three of the templates are provided below:

1. Cover Letter;

2. Resume;

3. Conflict of Interest Form;

4. Eligibility Form ; and

5. Biography Form.

Once the forms are completed, save them to your PC. When you click on submit application, you will be prompted to upload additional documents. Drag and drop or upload your completed forms into the ‘Drop files below or click to upload’ section.

  • Applicants are asked to indicate any previous or current appointments they may have to Government, private, or not-for-profit sector agencies, boards or committees.
  • Candidates selected for interview will be required to provide three references. These are not required at the time of application; however, will be requested should the candidate proceed further in the selection process.
  • Final candidates who are being considered for appointment will be requested to complete a criminal record check.
  • The posting may be used to fill both existing and future vacancies for public entities reporting to Alberta Health. Only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.
  • Conflict of Interest and Eligibility Forms need to be dated and signed. You can scan and submit through your online application or via email. Or you may choose to mail the forms to the attention of:

Agency Governance Unit, Alberta Health


Address: 21st floor ATB Place, 10025 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 1S6

Contact Information

Sharlene Stayberg Director, Addiction and Mental Health Branch

Phone: 780-415-2609


Address: 24th Floor, ATB Place North Tower 10025 Jasper Ave, Edmonton AB T5J 1S6

How To Apply

Carefully read the Recruitment Posting and the Position Profile to ensure this is an appropriate opportunity for you. Applicants are advised to provide information that clearly and concisely demonstrates how their qualifications meet the advertised requirements.

Online applications are preferred. To apply, click on the 'apply' button, create or sign into your account in the ePAAS system; upload your resume, view the listing under Current Opportunities and click on 'submit application'. The uploaded resume will be automatically attached.

Provide a short 4 line biography using the Biography template found under additional documents section. Your biography should include your name, current work experience, board/committee experience and relevant education. Please note that biographies may be edited for length and clarity.

Once your biography and other required form(s) are completed, save it to your PC. When you hit 'submit application', you will be prompted to upload additional documents. Drag and drop (or upload) your completed cover letter, biography and other form(s) into the 'Drop files below or click to upload' section before clicking the 'apply' button.

If you are unable to apply online, please submit a cover letter and resume, quoting the recruitment posting competition number, to the contact provided on the posting. We thank all applicants for their interest. All applications will be reviewed to assess which candidates' qualifications most closely match the agency's requirements. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted to advance to the next step in the appointment process. You can check the status of each competition on-line at

The personal information in ePAAS is collected pursuant to section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used to administer and manage recruitment for current and future public agency appointment opportunities. Questions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of this information, may be directed to the Public Agency Secretariat, Public Service Commission, 12th Floor 44 Capital Boulevard, 10044 - 108 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S7 or by calling 780-644-3060. Applicants will be required to identify any real or perceived conflicts of interest and may be required to undergo additional screening.

Please Note: Successful applicants will have the following information about them made publicly available on the Public Agency Secretariat Website: name, biography, public agency, and position title.

Agency Website:


Link to Enabling Legislation:

Mental Health Act