Government policy

Public agencies should use committee structures appropriate to the organizational needs.


Committees are a necessary governance tool for public agencies, however, the number and type of committees need to reflect the circumstances of the individual public agency. For example, only those public agencies with direct budgetary responsibilities need an audit committee.

The objective is for public agencies to have systems in place to ensure that key governing responsibilities are executed in a consistent, diligent and timely manner. Due to the need for diligence regarding finances, human resources and governance, all agencies that have related functions should give consideration to using audit, human resources and governance committees.

Practicality should be a key consideration. For example, small public agencies may wish to reserve time to meet as a committee of the whole in order to ensure certain issues are given accorded the attention they need.

The Public Agency Secretariat will work with departments and public agencies to increase knowledge and understanding of committee types and structures that are useful for good oversight of public agency responsibilities, and leading practices in reviewing effectiveness of committees.


Sample Governance Committee Charter (PDF, 0.01 MB)

Sample Compensation Committee Charter (PDF, 0.01 MB)

Sample Finance and Investment Committee Charter (PDF, 0.01 MB)

Sample Audit Committee Charter - Basic (PDF, 0.01 MB)

Sample Audit Committee Charter - Detailed (PDF, 0.01 MB)