Law Enforcement Review Board

Angela Aalbers

Angela Aalbers is currently the county councilor for Mountain View County. Angela has international experience in the energy industry having worked for Shell in Europe (Netherlands) and Africa (Nigeria, Niger and Gabon) in executive roles. Angela has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary as well as a Level 1 certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) from the University of Alberta.

Angela Aalbers was directly recruited and appointed to the Law Enforcement Review Board on the basis of meeting the following competencies, skills and attributes: strong leadership and communication skills, previous board experience, knowledge of administrative law.

Mohamed Amery

Mohamed Amery practices law at Nerland Lindsey LLP in Calgary where he focuses on business litigation matters. He has regularly appeared before all levels of court since being called to the Alberta Bar in 2011. Mr. Amery is a dedicated volunteer and scholar with significant board and governance experience, having served the community for many years.

Mohamed Amery was directly recruited and appointed to the Law Enforcement Review Board on the basis of acceptably meeting the competencies, skills and attributes required by the Board.

Geri Bemister-Williams

Geri Bemister-Williams is a Professor of Criminology and Law and a Substance Abuse Consultant for Siksika Nation. She provides post-secondary education, expert input, counseling and programming, non-profit board member service, advice on substance use disorders/concurring disorders and at-risk populations. Geri’s portfolio includes family counselling, individual therapy, interventions, public speaking, spiritual guidance, sober living advising, addressing physical and psychological traumas, teaching, child protection and advocacy and first nations issues.

Geri Bemister-Williams was directly recruited and appointed to the Law Enforcement Review Board on the basis of acceptably meeting the competencies, skills and attributes required by the Board.

Geeta Bharadia, QC

Geeta Bharadia QC graduated from the University of Calgary with an honours degree in political science in 1982 and from McGill University with a law degree in 1989. Ms. Bharadia was a full-time member of the Alberta Human Rights Commission, with her term ending October 31, 2014. She was a litigation lawyer with Bennett Jones LLP for several years. In 1995 she was appointed Chairperson of the Canadian Pension Plan Review Tribunal, a position she held for eight years. Ms. Bharadia completed her mediation and collaborative law training in 2000 and since then, she has completed significant additional advanced education and training in both disciplines, as well as obtaining her training in the interdisciplinary model of collaborative practice and training in mediation-arbitration. She has actively promoted alternate dispute resolution in Alberta and Canada, focusing on issues related to ethics, accreditation, cross-cultural issues, children’s interests, complicated financial matters and human rights. Ms. Bharadia was the President of the Alberta Family Mediation Society from 2006-2008. She has also served on the Board for Collaborative Family Lawyers (Calgary) and Collaborative Family Lawyers (Alberta); appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta; and was also a mediator for Alberta Justice Family Mediation Services, which provides mediation services for lower income families. In 2012 Ms. Bharadia received the Dr. John Haynes Memorial Award for her outstanding contribution to the field of family mediation in Alberta.

Glen Buick

Glen Buick spent much of his working life as a Foreign Service Officer and was formerly Assistant Deputy Minister in Alberta Culture. He is a member of the Edmonton Assessment Review Board, and formerly a lay Bencher with the Law Society of Alberta and an adjudicator on the Public members Roster of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta. He served on a number of boards including the Edmonton International Jazz Festival and the Calgary Centre for Performing Arts. Glen has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University.

Christine Enns

Christine S. Enns was first appointed to the Law Enforcement Review Board in 2011, and designated as Chair in 2021. After a career as a professional musician with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Enns was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta in 2002 initially working in private legal practice, then with the Alberta Human Rights Commission as a Human Rights Officer.

Ms. Enns also serves on the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.

Victoria Foster

Victoria Foster graduated from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in 2011, and is currently working towards her Masters of Law from the University of London. She is a sole practitioner in Red Deer and surrounding areas, practicing in the areas of family law and child welfare law. Ms. Foster serves as a member of the Human Services Appeal panel, where she sits on appeal hearings for AISH and income support matters. She is also a member on the Legal Aid Alberta Appeals Committee, as well as a member of the board of directors for the Central Alberta Community Legal Clinic. Ms. Foster is a member of the Red Deer Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and the Red Deer Appeal and Review Board, which deal with development and subdivision appeals, and bylaw appeals. She has also recently joined the board of directors of Vantage Community Services, which is an organization that helps youths, adults, and families with counselling, housing, life skills training, and in-house mental health treatment.

Elizabeth Hak

Elizabeth Hak has B. Sc. Degree in Genetic Toxicology and a Journalism diploma. She worked at the R.C.M.P. Forensic Laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta as an Alcohol Expert for 12 years. She has served on a number of boards including the Alberta Transportation Safety Board, the AISH/IES Appeal Panel, the Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board in Calgary, the Life Insurance Council of Alberta and the ACCLXT. Elizabeth currently serves on the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada and the General Insurance Council of Alberta.

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is a lawyer who works with individuals, organizations and boards to help them resolve disputes. He has served on numerous boards, hearing panels and advisory committees. He has extensive training in arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conflict management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (1989) from the University of Victoria and Law degree (1993) from Cardiff School of Law and Politics.

Rosetta Khalideen

Rosetta Khalideen has been involved in the field of education in various roles for over 40 years and served as Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley from 2008 to 2014. She retired from her university career at the end of August 2016. Dr. Khalideen was the first woman appointed to the Guyana Police Force Training Board and served from 1988 to 1991. She has a professional teaching certificate, a certificate in Education, and a Bachelor of Education degree from Guyana. She also has a Master of Education from the University of Toronto and has a PhD from the University of Alberta in Adult Education and International Intercultural Education. In 2006 Dr. Khalideen received the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal for her significant contributions in education to the province.

Damien Lachat

Damien Lachat is a first generation Canadian of mixed settler and indigenous heritage. They studied Philosophy and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto from 2011 to 2015, where they acted as VP Internal for the Equity Studies course union: a board that built social justice discourse in the greater university community. From 2009 to 2011 Damien acted as a Materials Technologist, where they worked with various stakeholders in Alberta's industry. Currently, Damien works as an outreach worker at Boyle Street Community Services. Their role includes them working as an advocate for individuals who experience complex barriers to social inclusion, and assisting those individuals out of homelessness. Damien is also a member of the Next Up Youth Leadership Advisory Council, an organization committed to promoting social and environmental justice. Damien Lachat holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

Salimah Walji-Shivji

Salimah Walji-Shivji is Vice President and General Counsel for AgeCare – Communities of Care & Wellness, providing leadership to the corporate services team and strategic advice to the executive leadership team. Prior to joining AgeCare, she was General Counsel at Alberta Health Services, where she began her legal career in 2003. Salimah serves on multiple boards and committees including the Family Violence Death Review Committee. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Social Work degree, a Bachelor of Laws degree and is a registered Social Worker.

Salimah Wajli-Shivji was directly recruited and appointed to the Law Enforcement Review Board on the basis of acceptably meeting the competencies, skills and attributes required by the Board.

Lise Zarb

Lise Zarb has significant appeal panel experience. She has served on several quasi-judicial administrative tribunals in Alberta, including seven years on the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act appeal panel, and two years on each of the panels created under the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, the Income and Employment Supports Act and the Protection for Persons in Care Act. In May 2017 Ms. Zarb was appointed to the newly amalgamated Community and Social Services appeal panel, which hears appeals under six different pieces of legislation affecting children and vulnerable adults. After an honours degree from McGill University, Ms. Zarb graduated with an LLB from the University of Western Ontario and was called to the Bar in 1995. She has studied social work at the graduate level at the University of Toronto and later practiced child protection law in London, England for five years. Her community service includes terms as a board member at Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society in Calgary and as an executive board member at Humewood House, an organization which empowers young pregnant and parenting mothers in Toronto. Ms. Zarb currently performs as a violinist with the Calgary Civic Symphony.