Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell is a third generation rancher from Black Diamond, Alberta. He graduated from the University of Alberta with an Engineering degree and then moved to Zambia to work for Engineers Without Borders. While there he worked as a change management consultant and sought to improve the relationship between farmers, their suppliers, and their buyers.

Upon returning to Canada, he worked as a construction engineer while ranching part time; in 2015 he quit his job to begin operating his ranch business full time. He currently manages a 2,700 acre ranch in the mountains South West of Calgary and runs a direct market business which produces and sells beef, pork, chicken, and eggs in the Calgary area. Ben currently sits on the board of the Foothills Forage and Grazing Association.

Ben and his family host numerous customers as well as school groups out to their ranch throughout the year to show them how food is produced in Alberta and provide a connection between consumers and their food.

Lynn Jacobson

Lynn Jacobson farms with his brother in Enchant in southern Alberta on a 1,500 acre irrigation farm growing cereal crops, pluses, hybrid seed canola and alfalfa for seed production. Their family has been involved in agriculture in Alberta since 1905, when their grandfather first took out a homestead.

Lynn’s involvement with farm organizations began when he was elected as a delegate for the Alberta Wheat Pool; this provided him with practical knowledge and experience in the grain handling and transportation system and governance and committee operations. He has continued to be engaged in farm organizations at the provincial and national levels, and is currently President of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture and a Director with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Past membership and experience also included the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Soft Wheat Producers Commission, Farmer Rail Car Coalition and Farm Implement Board.

Norine Moore

Norine has been a member of the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council since 2013, and served as the Vice Chair since 2015.

Norine has extensive experience in primary production and marketing related to the sheep, beef and goat industries in Alberta. She and her husband run a purebred sheep flock of Suffolks and North Country Cheviots and a small herd of goats. They founded and continue to participate in the Pound Maker Ram Sale, the largest private ram sale in Canada. Besides selling breeding stock they also buy lambs from other producers and direct market them to specialty meat stores in Calgary.

Norine has been a director of numerous sheep organizations. She served for six years as a director of Alberta Lamb Producers – two of those years as Chair; and two years as a director on the Canadian Sheep Federation. She has also served as a director on the Alberta Sheep Breeders Association and the Southern Alberta Sheep Breeders Association.

Doug Sawyer

Doug Sawyer currently runs a cow/calf and horse operation in Central Alberta and has over 20 years of experience working within the livestock industry. Doug has served on national and provincial agricultural boards and committees related to beef production, traceability, animal welfare, and the environment for over 22 years.