Information regarding conditions of accessing provincial grazing reserves (PGRs) can be found on our Accessing provincial grazing reserves web page.

Agrologists are the Alberta Environment and Parks staff that work with the users of PGRs. They can answer any additional questions surrounding access and the operations of the grazing reserves.

Reading information about a grazing reserve and consulting a map before you access the land will make your visit more rewarding. Doing so also reduces the risk of damage to grazing land and conflicts with livestock and other users.

PGR information and maps by region

Northeast region

PGR Agrologist

Phone: 780-645-6336
Fax: 780-645-6281

Northwest region

PGR Agrologist

Phone: 780-835-7200
Fax: 780-835-7203

Southeast region

PGR Agrologist

Phone: 403-529-3685
Fax: 403-528-5213

Southwest region

PGR Agrologist

Phone: 780-514-3417
Fax: 780-542-6454