Providing Albertans extra job protection

The Labour Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 17) adds clarity and flexibility to the rules that give Albertans time away from work to attend to personal matters.

Status: The Labour Statutes Amendment Act received royal assent on May 31, 2022
Ministry Responsible: Labour and Immigration


The Labour Statutes Amendment Act (formerly Bill 17) provides Albertans with more job-protected time to attend to personal matters by updating bereavement and reservist leaves rules for employees.

The act expands access to bereavement leave so employees who experience a pregnancy loss have time to grieve while knowing they still have a job to go back to.

The act also removes the 20-day limit on the amount of time reservists can take for annual training. Removing this limit allows reservists to attend training while maintaining their civilian employment without having to use other entitlements, such as vacation time.

Key changes

The Labour Statutes Amendment Act amends the Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code to:

  • allow employees who have been with the same employer for at least 90 days and who would have been parents, such as biological, adoptive, or surrogates, to take bereavement leave when a pregnancy ends other than in a live birth. Employees can still take up to 3 days of bereavement leave in total per calendar year
  • allow reservists who have worked at least 12 consecutive weeks for the same employer to take as much time as they need to attend annual reservist training by removing the 20-day limit on annual training for reservist leave
  • allow academic staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellow associations to continue representing their respective members in collective bargaining indefinitely

Next steps

Changes to bereavement and reservist leave take effect upon royal assent. Changes that maintain the status quo for academic staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellow associations will take effect on July 1, 2022.