Protocol and ceremony

Procedures and etiquette for ceremonies and special events.

Services and information

Descriptions, duties and contact information for the province’s consular officers.

The Canadian and provincial flags are symbols of honour and pride. Learn about their proper use.

The Order of Precedence outlines the order of importance of officials for ceremonies and special events in Alberta.

Learn about official seating arrangements and speaking order for events and ceremonies.

Proper procedures for giving a toast.

About the Protocol Office

The Alberta Protocol Office provides a variety of services to the provincial government and the community at large.

The Protocol Office:

  • Plans, coordinates and conducts visit programs for senior-level international governmental delegations coming to Alberta.
  • Develops and conducts government ceremonial events such as the Throne Speech and Remembrance Day commemoration.
  • Manages bookings for Government House, the 10th floor of the Edmonton Federal Building.
  • Advises government, community groups, the private sector and individuals about protocol requirements for special events.

Contact us

Phone: 780-422-1542

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