Services and information

  • Consular Corps of Alberta

    Descriptions, duties and contact information for the province’s consular officers.

  • Flag etiquette

    The Canadian and provincial flags are symbols of honour and pride. Learn about their proper use.

  • Order of Precedence

    The Order of Precedence outlines the order of importance of officials for ceremonies and special events in Alberta.

  • Protocol for ceremonies

    Learn about official seating arrangements and speaking order for events and ceremonies.

  • Toasting the Queen

    Proper procedures for giving a toast.

About the Protocol Office

The Alberta Protocol Office provides a variety of services to the provincial government and the community at large.

The Protocol Office:

  • Plans, coordinates and conducts visit programs for senior-level international governmental delegations coming to Alberta.
  • Develops and conducts government ceremonial events such as the Throne Speech and Remembrance Day commemoration.
  • Manages bookings for Government House, the 10th floor of the Edmonton Federal Building.
  • Advises government, community groups, the private sector and individuals about protocol requirements for special events.

Contact us

Phone: 780-422-1542

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