Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities

This advisory agency provides advice about opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate equally and fully in society.

Services and information

Up to 15 volunteer council members, with a broad knowledge of diverse disability issues, represent regions across Alberta.



The Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities Act establishes the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (the Council) and outlines their activities and membership. It invites them to provide advice to the Alberta government through public discussion and engagement with the disability community.


The Council is guided by a:

Vision: Alberta is an inclusive and barrier-free society.

Mission: to advise on, report to and make recommendations to the Government of Alberta on matters relating to the opportunity for full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the Province. It does this by:

  • listening to the opinions of the disability community
  • communicating these ideas and concerns to the Government of Alberta and the broader community
  • working with governments, community organizations and other stakeholders towards solutions

Mandate and Roles (PDF, 115 KB) Document that outlines the:

  • Council’s mandate, accountability, roles, responsibilities and duties
  • accountability of the Minister who is responsible for the Council
  • responsibilities of the ministry that supports the Council
  • communication requirements between the Council and ministry
  • review period for the Mandate and Roles Document

Code of Conduct (PDF, 333 KB) that provides a framework for ethical behaviour to support the Council’s integrity and reputation by:

  • defining core values, guiding principles and behavioural standards
  • outlining administrative processes


The Council consists of up to 15 volunteer members who:

  • are able to engage with their communities and networks and represent the interests of a broad range of stakeholders
  • understand, stay current and provide advice on diverse disability-related issues
  • have varied backgrounds, experience, knowledge and skills
  • come from different areas in the province

Search for the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities on the Alberta public agencies list to see the current Council Chair and Members.

Recruitment and appointment

When there are vacancies, the Alberta government recruits and appoints new Council members for up to a 3-year term.

Council members may be reappointed for a second 3-year term based on performance and mutual agreement.

There are up to 13 members from the public, who are:

  • recruited through public advertisements by the department responsible for the Council (the department)
  • selected based on skills and experience
  • screened to ensure there is no conflict of interest
  • chosen from across the province
  • recommended for appointment by the department to the Minister responsible for the Council, then to the Premier for approval

There are up to 2 members from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta who:

  • provide a liaison between the Council and government
  • are recruited when there is a vacancy for a government member and the Minister responsible for the Council asks the Premier to identify a new Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

Review the Alberta boards web pages to find out:

  • if the Council or other agencies, boards and commissions are recruiting
  • how to apply
  • more about serving on public agencies and the work they do

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

In early 2018, the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities embarked on a strategic planning process. Council agreed that its strategic plan should be informed by the community. As part of the planning process, Council collected responses to a survey that asked Albertans to:

  • identify the most important issues or barriers facing people with disabilities
  • indicate the areas they would like the Council to focus on over the next three years

Council received responses from 182 individuals or groups. Based on these results, Council developed its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF, 142 KB). The plan outlines six areas of focus for the Council. The next step for Council is to develop resource and action material under each area. This will help them provide advice to the Government of Alberta on planning and delivering services to persons with disabilities. This work will be completed over 2018.

The Premier's Council on the Status of Person with Disabilities thanks all Albertans who took the time to respond to the survey.

Annual reports

View the Council’s annual reports, or contact the Council to:

  • get a current or archived annual reports in alternate formats
  • get permission to reproduce material in the report
  • provide feedback


To contact the Premier’s Council Secretariat:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Toll free: 1-800-272-8841
Fax: 780-415-0097

Suite 1110, 10055 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 2Y2

You can also connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.