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The Prairies Area is composed of 3 distinct management areas, each of which corresponds with a major Alberta river watershed as follows:

Management Areas Alberta River Watersheds
Calgary/Brooks Area Bow River
Lethbridge Area Oldman/South Saskatchewan Rivers
Red Deer Area Red Deer River

Calgary/Brooks area

At approximately 2,500 square kilometres, the Calgary/Brooks management area includes:

  • Crawling Valley Reservoir
  • Lake Newell
  • Lower Bow River

There are two offices within this area located in Calgary and Brooks.

Lethbridge area

This area encompasses approximately 4,400 square kilometres and includes:

  • Lower Oldman and South Saskatchewan Rivers
  • Numerous reservoirs such as Ridge, St Mary's Reservoir.

This area is managed out of an office located in Lethbridge.

Red Deer area

This area is about 7,900 square kilometres, extending from the southern edge of Edmonton to the northern edge of Calgary.

Major waterbodies include:

  • Battle River
  • Buck Lake
  • Pigeon Lake
  • Red Deer River

The area office is centrally located in Red Deer.

Red Deer Area Fisheries Information

Blood Indian Reservoir – Regulation Notification (May 2016)

Buck Lake Walleye Management - Fisheries Management Plan Update (July 2011)

Fisheries Management is proposing to change the Walleye regulations on Buck Lake. The Buck Lake Walleye Management Update – Prairies Area (July 2011) summarizes past management, current biological information and the proposed regulation change.

For further information please contact:

Buffalo Lake Integrated Shoreland Management Plan

Pigeon Lake Fisheries Management Plan