To help address the issue of recycling agriculture plastics and twine, we are funding a three-year pilot program aimed at recycling agriculture plastics.

The Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Program will explore:

  • recycling grain bags and twine
  • researching markets for other agricultural plastics ‎not included in the pilot program
  • conducting a waste characterization study to determine agricultural plastic volumes
  • surveying producers to get feedback on their attitudes
  • educating producers on the program and how to recycle their plastics

A 2012 study found around 50% of agricultural producers either burnt their plastics on-farm or sent them to a landfill.

How it works

The Alberta Beef Producers will receive $1 million to coordinate the pilot program on behalf of the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group (APRG). APRG is made up of 20 stakeholder groups ranging from commodity associations to rural municipalities to retailers.

The pilot will determine the financials, logistics and operations of recycling agricultural plastics to help inform future policy decisions.


For more information on the pilot program, contact:

Tammy Schwass, Executive Director, Alberta Plastics Recycling Association

Phone: 403-835-6467
Email: [email protected]