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Photogrammetric Control Points Data

Table 1. Photogrammetric Control Points Data

Identification information
Abstract This digital coordinate data contains:
  • adjusted and transformed coordinates of photogrammetric control points
  • ground coordinates of ground control points

These coordinates have been established through the process of aerial triangulation originally compiled for the 1:20 000 provincial mapping program.

Features include:

  • ground control points (horizontal and vertical)
  • lake points
  • pass points
  • perspective centres
  • tie points
Browse graphic Sample ASCII Tape4 Record (GIF, 21 KB)
Data quality information
Horizontal positional accuracy Accuracy varies and is relative to the capture scale.
Spatial reference information
Horizontal coordinate system definition Provincial
Map projection name UTM Zone 11 and UTM Zone 12
Horizontal datum name NAD83 and NAD27
Distribution information
Format name Available in Space-M ASCII TAPE 4 format only
Fees Free of charge (electronic delivery)
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For detailed instructions, see Requesting data products.

General Specifications for Acquiring Aerial Photography

Table 2. General Specifications for Acquiring Aerial Photography

Identification information
Abstract These specifications are updated and distributed by Informatics Branch, Alberta Environment and Parks.

They are intended for general use in the procurement, by Alberta government departments, of aerial photography and related data. They are not intended to address all of the technical requirements of a particular project.

Distribution information
Format name Adobe.pdf
Fees Free of charge
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For detailed instructions, see General Specifications for Acquiring Aerial Photography.