To protect our universally accessible, publicly funded health care system, we need to take meaningful action to improve key components of our system.

As part of the consultations, the Government of Alberta has made 11 proposals to the AMA to help build a stronger and more sustainable health system while managing physician spending growth.

Proposal 9: Submission of claims within 90 days

Practitioners currently have 180 days to submit a fee for service to Alberta Health to claim payment.

This current 6-month period leads to complications in forecasting, calculating accruals, and monitoring and managing expenses.

A new billing window will still give practitioners enough time to submit their payment claims – while allowing for:

  • improved budget forecasting
  • policy and planning decisions
  • earlier publication of the Statistical Supplement
  • inclusion of recent Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan benefits on the Statement of Benefits Paid – a product used by patients

Originally, the ministry proposed to change the number of days from 180 to 60; however, after reviewing feedback from providers during our consultation process the ministry determined that the change will be from 180 days to 90 days.

This change will align Alberta to 6 other provinces who also have a 90 day submission of claims timeframe.

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