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Part three – Using pesticides

Prior to conducting a pesticide application, individuals must be certified and may be required to obtain a pesticide service registration.

Services and information

An overview of the Farmer Pesticide Certificate and the course modules.

Any Alberta business advertising or providing a pesticide service must hold a pesticide service registration to ensure public protection.

Alberta’s pesticide applicator certification program is a joint effort of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and Lakeland College.

Pesticide applicator certificates are issued for up to 5 years, and must be renewed prior to the expiry date.

Optional in-class tutorials are available for individuals pursuing pesticide applicator, dispenser or authorized assistant certificates.

Pesticide applications in and near open bodies of water are highly regulated due to sensitive and complex natures of aquatic environments.

Authorized assistants can perform more pesticide applications and require less supervision than non-certified assistants.

Workers known as non-certified assistants may apply some pesticides but must be supervised by certified pesticide applicators.

Training and certification are required in Alberta for anyone applying pesticides, other than commercial agriculturalists (farmers).

Individuals wanting to train authorized pesticide assistants and provide applicator tutorials must qualify as pesticide applicator trainers.


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