Pesticide legislation is in place to ensure pesticide application in Alberta is conducted in a safe and effective manner that does not affect other people or the environment. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) conducts routine inspections and responds to complaints about improper pesticide management.


Pesticide management regulations fall under the provincial Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA). The EPEA contains the following regulations specific to pesticides:

Notice of legislation changes

The Government of Alberta has amended the Pesticide (Ministerial) Regulation and the Pesticide Sales, Handling, Use and Application Regulation. This took effect June 7, 2018. The regulation links above contain the updates.

Change summaries

Notices that summarize the legislation changes have been published and can be found on the Open Government Portal at: Updates to pesticide regulations.

The notices included in the Open Government record are for the following:

  • Commercial Pesticide Dispensers
  • Commercial Retail Vendors
  • Commercial Wholesale Pesticide Vendors
  • Domestic Pesticide Dispensers and Vendors
  • Pesticide Applicators
  • Pesticide Applicator Trainers
  • Pesticide Service Registration Holders

Pesticide schedules

In Alberta, federal classes of pesticides (identified on the product label) have been further subdivided. These schedules are established under the Pesticide (Ministerial) Regulation. Alberta has 4 categories or schedules based on a pesticide’s:

  • potential hazard to human health
  • potential hazard to the environment
  • label use patterns

Schedule 1

These are federally labelled restricted and some commercial pesticides. Most are fumigants and vertebrate toxicants. These pesticides can only be sold to:

  • bona fide farmers (some require farmers to hold a farmer pesticide certificate)
  • certified applicators
  • pesticide service registration holders

They can only be used by bona fide farmers and certified applicators.

Schedule 2

These are federally labelled commercial (or agricultural and industrial) pesticides. They can only be sold to:

  • bona fide farmers
  • certified applicators
  • pesticide service registration holders

They can only be used by:

  • farmers
  • certified applicators and their assistants
  • pesticide service registration holders

Schedule 3

These are federally labelled domestic pesticides for use by homeowners. They may be sold to anyone and used by householders around their own homes.

Anyone using these pesticides as a service must hold a pesticide applicator certificate, or they can be supervised by a certified applicator. This is also required when these pesticides are used in and around:

  • multi-family dwellings
  • day-care facilities
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • schools

Schedule 4

These federally labelled domestic and commercial pesticides may be sold to and used by anyone. They do not represent a significant risk to people or the environment when used as indicated on the label.

This schedule includes:

  • antimicrobial pesticides such as laundry additives, swimming pool chemicals, disinfectants and wood preservatives
  • animal repellents
  • insect growth regulators and insect repellents for use on pets and people
  • ready-to-use domestic insecticides and pressurized aerosols when used in and around the home (hornet and wasp sprays, ant traps, fly baits and strips, mosquito coils)
  • insecticides applied directly to livestock or their enclosures
  • metered mist application equipment
  • domestic plant growth regulators and pruning paints
  • domestic rodenticides that are ready-to-use baits
  • silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth)

If a product has a certification statement indicated on the label, then the product becomes a Schedule 2 pesticide. This means vendors must be registered and can only sell to certified applicators. Only certified applicators can use these products.

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For more on pesticide applicator certification and pesticide use requirements, see:

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More information on Schedule 1 – 4 pesticides can be found at:


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