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Production limits were introduced in January 2019 to align production with export capacity, protecting the value of the province’s oil by helping prevent Canadian crude from selling at large discounts. The limits were intended as a short-term measure, but ongoing delays to pipeline projects led to the curtailment policy being extended through December 2021, but no monthly oil production limits have been in effect since December 2020.

The policy will be allowed to expire on December 31, as oil production has reached pre-pandemic levels, but is within export capacity. Storage levels are also expected to remain within the normal range of operations.

Production limits timeline

Month Production limit status Total of million
barrels per day
January 2019 Established 3.56
February 2019 Increased 3.63
April 2019 Increased 3.66
May 2019 Increased 3.68
June 2019 Increased 3.71
August 2019 Increased 3.74
September 2019 Increased 3.76
October 2019 Increased 3.79
November 2019 Increased 3.8
December 2019 Increased 3.81
January – November 2020 Maintained 3.81
December 2020 No production limit -

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