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Dates to remember

September 30, 2023 – Deadline for submission of applications to write exam
November 17, 2023 – Next round of certification exams
Exam location – Edmonton, Alberta

Legal documents required

We require all applicants applying for non-mining blaster’s permits, mining blaster’s certificates or renewing their previously issued permits/certificates to submit either an approval letter issued by Natural Resources Canada or an equivalent document as per Federal Explosives Regulations 2013, along with their applications.

176 (1) An individual who applies for a licence, permit or certificate or for the renewal of one must include with their application proof that they have an approval letter or equivalent document.

  • An approval letter is issued by Chief Inspector of Explosives, Natural Resources Canada.
  • The equivalent documents are:
    1. a permis général issued under Quebec’s An Act Respecting Explosives, as amended from time to time
    2. a FAST card (free and secure trade card) issued by the Canada Border Services Agency
    3. a NEXUS card issued by the Canada Border Services Agency, or
    4. a Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) issued under the Firearms Act.
  • More information on requirements.
  • For information on applying for an approval letter.

Types of mining certification

Workers can seek to be certified in 5 explosive-related areas, with the required work experience as follows:

Surface Mine Blaster (PDF, 508 KB)
Underground Mine Blaster (PDF, 626 KB)
Underground Coal Mine Manager (PDF, 515 KB)
Underground Coal Mine Foreman (PDF, 516 KB)
Underground Coal Mine Electrical Superintendent  (PDF, 620 KB)

A Director of Inspection may grant:

Provisional certificates

Eligible workers may get a provisional certificate that is valid for up to 18 months, and only at the mine specified on the certificate.

Equivalency certificates

  • Alberta recognizes equivalent, valid certificates from other Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Certified applicants from other provinces must apply for equivalent certification in Alberta.


To obtain a government-issued mining certificate, you must:

  • meet the work experience requirements
  • hold a valid Standard First Aid Certificate
  • have no safety OHS violations attached to your personnel record
  • pass a mining exam

How to apply

Step 1. Check dates

Check 'Dates to remember' above for application deadlines and exam dates.

Step 2. Apply for certification exam

Get an examination package. You can either:

  1. Download and print the Application for Certification Examinations form (PDF, 183 KB)
  2. Contact:

    Phone: 780-422-5948
    Fax: 780-427-0999
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Occupational Health and Safety, Mining Unit
    J.G. O'Donoghue Building
    Main Floor, 7000 113 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6

Fill out form by hand

Remember to:

  • indicate the type of certification required
  • sign the declaration
  • attach all supporting documents, including a valid First Aid Certificate and resume
  • note that incomplete forms will be returned

Submit completed form

You can submit your application - along with supporting documents - in person or by mail:

Alberta Labour and Immigration
Occupational Health and Safety, Mining Unit
J.G. O'Donoghue Building
Main Floor, 7000 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6

You can fax or email:
Fax: 780-427-0999
Email: [email protected]

Step 3. Receive letter of authority

  • if your application is accepted, a Letter of Authority will be sent to your personal address as entered on the application form
  • this letter will state the date, time and location of your mining certification exam
  • you'll be asked to present this letter at your exam

Step 4. Prepare for the exam

Before writing the exam, candidates need to read:

Step 5. Write the exam

  • on the date of your exam, go to the location stated on the Letter of Authority
  • bring your Letter of Authority and photo ID
  • plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam starts
  • review the Conduct at an Examination document provided by the presiding examiner

Step 6. After the exam

  • your exam will be reviewed
  • the pass mark for each paper is 70%
  • the Director of Inspection for Mines will send a letter to your personal address (as entered on the application form) notifying you of the results about 30 days after the exam
  • if your exam results qualify, your mining certificate will be included in the letter
  • you must post your original, valid mining certificate at your work site while a mining operation is in progress

Fee schedule

Effective March 31, 2023, you are no longer required to pay a fee for a mining certificate. The blaster’s program is under review with more changes to come. Please continue to check this page for updates.


Phone: 780-422-5948
Fax: 780-427-0999
Email: [email protected]

Occupational Health and Safety, Mining Unit
J.G. O'Donoghue Building
Main Floor, 7000 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6

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