Notification banners are text boxes that occupy the full width of the layout as a global banner and indicate one of the following:

  • important information
  • special dates
  • warning messages
  • emergency messages




Here is an informational notification. Link here



Here is an event notification. Link here



Here is an important notification. Link here



Here is an emergency notification. Link here

Usage guidelines

Global banner

When a significant event takes place or will take place, a global banner appears at the top of the layout that warrants your attention. The information presented must be of high priority.

Notification banners are dismissible and remain dismissed for the duration of the browsing session.

Content guidelines

Global banners communicate one piece of crucial information relating to the topic. The topic message should be a link that directs you to the relevant page.

  • Write the topic as a clear and concise link.
  • Maximum 140 characters with spaces per banner.

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