New and proposed legislation

New and proposed Government of Alberta legislation.

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Bill 27 helps combat rural crime by strengthening protections for law-abiding Albertans and their property.

Bill 25 cuts red tape to speed up regulatory processes and attract investment.

Bills 20, 21 and 22 make changes to legislation that implement aspects of Budget 2019.

Bill 18 returns Alberta to an energy-only market to restore investor confidence and provide Albertans with reliable and affordable electricity.

Alberta will allow people at risk to find out if their intimate partner has a history of domestic violence.

Bill 15 takes first steps toward governance reforms of the Real Estate Council of Alberta to ensure it’s an efficient and trusted regulator.

The Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation will support job creating investments from Indigenous communities.

Bill 13 will reinstate Senate nominee elections in Alberta to help make senators more accountable to Albertans.

Bill 12 will make Alberta a more attractive place to invest by providing certainty in the oil and gas royalty structure.

Alberta is improving the foreign credential assessment process to help underemployed newcomers fully contribute to our economy.

Bill 9 will postpone collective bargaining to allow time to fully understand Alberta’s economic situation.

Bills 7 and 29 will let municipalities offer new property tax incentives to attract business, boost economic development and revitalize communities.

Alberta will cut red tape by one-third to reduce the burden of doing business and make it easier to access government services.

Alberta will reduce the corporate tax rate by a third over the next 4 years to attract investment and create thousands of new jobs.

Alberta repealed the provincial carbon tax on May 30, 2019 to help put more money in the pockets of families, businesses and non-profits.

The act gives Alberta the ability to restrict the export of crude oil, natural gas and refined fuels, if necessary.