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New and proposed legislation

New and proposed Government of Alberta legislation.

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Bill 39 would provide more clarity and transparency for parents, early childhood educators and child care providers.

Alberta is cutting red tape to speed up regulatory processes and attract investment.

Bill 47 updates labour legislation to improve workplace health and safety and ensure workers’ compensation is sustainable.

Bill 47 provides funding to eligible families of first responders who sacrificed their life to maintain public safety.

Bill 44 grows innovation and competition within the financial sector while modernizing and improving oversight and cutting red tape.

Bill 43 allows government to collect tolls to recover the cost of new or expanded roads and bridges.

Transforming Alberta’s auto insurance system so it is fair and sustainable for drivers and insurers now and in the future.

Bill 38 will recognize the importance of First Nations policing in Alberta, modernize the justice system and help deter crime.

Bill 37 protects jobs in the construction industry by ensuring contractors and subcontractors are paid on time.

Bill 36 clarifies rules and lays the groundwork for development of geothermal resources – a clean and sustainable energy source.

Bill 33, the Alberta Investment Attraction Act, outlines the creation of an investment attraction corporation to drive high impact investment to Alberta.

Taking action to strengthen public health care so all Albertans have access to sustainable and high quality health services.

Bill 32 reduces red tape for employers and helps keep more Albertans employed.

Bill 28 helps to keep children and vulnerable Albertans safe from convicted sex offenders.

Bill 45 updates the Local Authorities Election Act to better define how municipal elections are conducted.

Bill 26 allows for referendums to be held on more issues to ensure they meet the current and future needs of Albertans.

Bill 23 enables measures to help Alberta businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and restart our economy.

Bill 21 will implement serious, immediate and escalating consequences for impaired drivers and make it easier for Albertans to resolve traffic disputes.

The Mental Health Amendment Act (Bill 17) ensures the rights of mental health patients are respected and provide more responsive, accessible care.

Bill 19 will protect Albertans from harms of tobacco, second-hand smoke and address the surge in vaping among youth.

Bill 18 creates the Alberta Parole Board to provide a fairer, faster, more responsive and responsible justice system.

The Choice in Education Act [Bill 15] protects choice in Alberta’s education system.

Bill 16 improves our approach to helping victims of crime and protecting our communities.

Bill 8 enables new measures to help prevent and address human trafficking, and better protect survivors.

Increasing the ability of the Orphan Well Association to manage and accelerate clean-up of orphan wells and sites.

Making changes to legislation to implement aspects of Budget 2020.

Bill 3 gives tenants and landlords of mobile home sites access to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

Bill 1 protects essential infrastructure by creating offences for trespassing, interfering with operations or causing damage.

Alberta is strengthening protections for law-abiding Albertans and their property to help combat rural crime.

Changes to legislation implemented aspects of Budget 2019.

Returning Alberta to an energy-only market will restore investor confidence and provide Albertans with reliable and affordable electricity.

Alberta will allow people at risk to find out if their intimate partner has a history of domestic violence.

Taking steps toward governance reforms of the Real Estate Council of Alberta to ensure it’s an efficient and trusted regulator.

Alberta will reinstate Senate nominee elections to help make senators more accountable to Albertans.

Providing certainty in the oil and gas royalty structure will make Alberta a more attractive place to invest.

Alberta is improving the foreign credential assessment process to help underemployed newcomers fully contribute to our economy.

Collective bargaining was postponed to allow time to fully understand Alberta’s economic situation.

Alberta will let municipalities offer new property tax incentives to attract business, boost economic development and revitalize communities.

Alberta reduced the corporate tax rate to 8% to attract investment and create thousands of new jobs.

Alberta repealed the provincial carbon tax on May 30, 2019 to help put more money in the pockets of families, businesses and non-profits.

The act gives Alberta the ability to restrict the export of crude oil, natural gas and refined fuels, if necessary.