Natural resource development

Oil sands, oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, tenure and electricity and renewable energy.

Services and information

Guides and training modules for using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) site.

Mineral and surface rights mapping, energy news, information letters, subscriptions and other online resources.

Coal royalties and coal information, legislation, reporting, online services, direct purchase and public offerings.

Renewable electricity, electricity capacity market and price protection.

The Electronic Transfer System (ETS) provides secure access to account holders to do business with Alberta Energy and Environment and Parks.

Stakeholder engagements and Aboriginal Consultation Office.

Mineral information related to tenure (direct purchase), maintenances, royalties, legislation and online services.

Natural gas royalties and natural gas information, legislation, reporting, online services, public offerings and sales.


Oil royalties and oil information, legislation, reporting, online services, public offerings and sales.

A temporary limit of oil production to defend Alberta jobs and protect the value of Alberta's resources.

Oil sands royalties and oil sands information, legislation, reporting, public offerings and sales.

Tenure legislation, forms, reporting, public offerings and online services.

Bill 12 gives Alberta the ability to restrict the export of crude oil, natural gas and refined fuels, if necessary.

Alberta's Royalty Framework, mineral ownership, and energy publications.

Energy processing, upgrading, petrochemical diversification program and innovative energy technology programs.