COVID-19 advisories

Municipal Affairs compiles new advisories every week for municipalities as it relates to the COVID-19 outbreak.


May 15, 2020 Issue (PDF, 262 KB)

  • Emergency Management Act amendment, state of local emergency, recreational camping in provincial parks, economic relaunch, resources for businesses, restrictions for municipalities in Stage 1 of relaunch

May 8, 2020 Issue (PDF, 540 KB)

  • Economic relaunch, municipal facilities opening/closure, boat launches, campgrounds, golf courses, Municipal Sustainability Initiative, shovel-ready projects, road blockades, leave for elected officials and supports for elected officials

May 1, 2020 Issue (PDF, 412 KB)

  • Education property tax deferrals, procurement and shovel-ready projects, recreational camping, use of recreational properties, provincial and federal government supports for municipalities, enforcement of health orders


April 24, 2020 issue (PDF, 605 KB)

  • Clarifications on time extensions, planning and development appeal timelines, assessment and taxation-related timelines, municipal enforcement of Public Health Act orders, education property tax deferrals, petitions

April 17, 2020 issue (PDF, 608 KB)

  • Property tax deferrals, state of emergency (provincial) clarification, municipal cash flow, utility payments deferrals, shovel-ready projects

April 9, 2020 issue (PDF, 332 KB)

  • Planning and development time extensions, more clarifications on public meeting procedures, state of local emergency

April 3, 2020 issue (PDF, 445 KB)

  • Municipal cash flow assistance, tax deferral initiatives, school/education requisitions, deficits and debt limits, clarifications on time extensions, assessment notices, assessment hearings, tax recovery and development appeals


March 27, 2020 issue (PDF, 305 KB)

  • New meeting procedures, council meetings, time extensions for legislated dates and timelines, intermunicipal collaboration frameworks and intermunicipal development plans

March 20, 2020 issue (PDF, 92 KB)

  • Business continuity, facility closures, council meetings, electronic meetings, public hearings and tax recovery

For more information, visit COVID-19 info for Albertans.