Municipal Districts and Counties of Alberta shows the location of the rural, urban and specialized municipalities in Alberta as of 2003.

Data Sources

The Municipal Boundary File containing the digital map information was obtained from AltaLIS Ltd. This file contains provincial coverage of municipal boundary linework, featuring rural municipalities, cities, towns, villages, summer villages and hamlets at an accuracy of ± 3 metres. Only the cities and main towns were displayed in the final map along with the main rivers and lakes.

Potential Uses

This map is useful to identify municipality location and where a municipality is located in relation to neighbouring municipalities. Once the municipal jurisdiction is verified, accessibility to area-specific programs can be determined.


The names and boundaries of municipalities may change from year to year. Up-to-date information can be obtained by contacting Alberta Municipal Affairs (website below).

Further Information

Additional information about individual municipalities can be obtained from the municipalities themselves.

The Alberta Municipal Affairs website contains numerous types of information including:

  • Information about the types of municipalities in Alberta. From the homepage, click on For Albertans along the top, then About Municipalities under Resources. Or, toll free call 310-0000, then dial (780) 427-8862.
  • Rural Municipal Boundary Map is available online and connects to basic municipality profile information such as location description, list of urban municipalities and hamlets within the municipal boundary and incorporation history. From the homepage, click on For Albertans along the top, then Municipal Boundary Map under Resources.
  • Communities within Specialized and Rural Municipalities, published in January 2004, lists all of the communities in Alberta and the municipality in which they are located. From the homepage, click on For Albertans along the top, then Communities within Rural Municipal Boundaries under Resources.

Maps of individual municipalities are available from Map Town.
Municipal maps are also available at

AltaLIS Ltd. is the joint venture company that maintains and distributes Alberta's base mapping data sets.