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Status: Bill 67 was introduced on April 13, 2021
Ministry responsible: Advanced Education


Bill 67, the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act would repeal and replace the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act to make the system more flexible, reduce red tape and give Alberta’s workforce new tools to meet emerging challenges.

If passed, Bill 67 will reinforce the value of apprenticeship education and trades professions to Alberta’s economy, and enable Alberta to quickly respond to the changing needs of students, industry, employers and educators.

Proposed changes were informed by recommendations from the Skills for Jobs Task Force and align with the Alberta 2030 – Building Skills for Jobs strategy to transform Alberta’s post-secondary education system.

Key changes

If passed, Bill 67, the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act will:

  • eliminate a significant amount of red tape for government, educators and industry, clearing the way to provide efficient and meaningful education and training
  • overhaul the legal framework to ensure the post-secondary system is flexible, responsive, and equipped to meet current and future challenges
  • separate apprenticeship education from skilled trades professions in legislation, enabling the expansion of the apprenticeship model to professions beyond designated trades
  • provide apprentices with an academic credential that properly reflects the level of knowledge and skills they have obtained
  • open pathways to further education and new careers
  • better recognize the high quality of apprenticeship education
  • modernize the governance of skilled trades professions and increase recognition of the trades as valuable and meaningful careers
  • provide more flexibility and autonomy to an appointed board to govern the skilled trade professions and set certification standards, and enable stronger engagement with industry
  • provide post-secondary institutions with more autonomy on how they set curriculum, assess learning outcomes, and deliver classroom instruction

Next steps

If passed, Bill 67 will take effect upon proclamation.