Ministry of


Provides a safe and efficient transportation system to support Alberta’s economic, social and environmental vitality.

Key services

In focus

Commercial driver training

Standardized, entry-level training will be mandatory for all new Class 1 and 2 commercial drivers as of March 1, 2019.

Commercial carrier pre-entry requirements

Enhanced requirements for new and existing commercial trucking companies come into effect in 2019.

Safe winter driving

When winter hits, snowplow operators work to keep Alberta’s highways clear and open to traffic. They're committed to maintaining safe winter driving conditions, but drivers have a role to play too. Learn more about safe winter driving.

Our responsibilities

The ministry consists of the Department of Transportation and the Alberta Transportation Safety Board (ATSB).

The department promotes a vital and diverse economy by:

  • managing transportation safety
  • supporting municipalities with public transportation and water/wastewater facilities
  • expanding and enhancing a well-integrated transportation system and enabling market access
  • preserving and developing the provincial highway network and water management infrastructure


  • holds driver conduct hearings
  • hears appeals of driver, vehicle, commercial carrier and railway safety decisions
  • provides policy feedback and recommendations on Traffic Safety Act implementation and enforcement

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