Ministry of

Economic Development and Trade

Leads the government's economic development efforts, supports businesses and investors and provides single-door access to information.

Key services

In Focus

Trade and investment attraction

We are focused on attracting investment to the province, showcasing our talents around the globe, and helping companies access international markets so they can diversify and grow.

Encouraging research and innovation

We're connecting Alberta's innovators with the right partner to help them bring new technologies to market and position our province as a leader in research and innovation.

Small business supports

Alberta small businesses contribute more GDP per capita than small businesses anywhere in the country. We offer a variety of supports to Alberta entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them succeed.

Our responsibilities

Building a resilient, robust and dynamic Alberta economy. The ministry ensures outcomes are achieved by:

  • supporting businesses and private sector job creation
  • enhancing access to capital for small and medium-sized
  • coordinating and leveraging research and innovation to increase the commercialization of Alberta ideas and meet the needs of Albertans, from environmental stewardship to improved health outcomes
  • facilitating export development and investment attraction from targeted international markets
  • enhancing Alberta's national and international presence
  • leading Alberta's negotiations on domestic and international trade agreements

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