Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Now Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism

Government is undergoing a transition, including ministry changes. New ministry and cabinet information can be found on the Cabinet page.

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    Cabinet ministers are in charge of specific government ministries and are responsible for policy matters and issues related to the day-to-day operation of government.
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Our responsibilities

Building a resilient, robust and dynamic Alberta economy. The ministry ensures outcomes are achieved by:

  • supporting businesses and private sector job creation
  • enhancing access to capital for small and medium-sized
  • coordinating and leveraging research and innovation to increase the commercialization of Alberta ideas and meet the needs of Albertans, from environmental stewardship to improved health outcomes
  • facilitating export development and investment attraction from targeted international markets
  • enhancing Alberta's national and international presence
  • leading Alberta's negotiations on domestic and international trade agreements

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