Ministry of Children’s Services

Leads child care & intervention, early childhood development, foster & kinship care, adoption, and improvements for children & youth.

In focus

A Stronger, Safer Tomorrow

On June 28, 2018, the Government of Alberta released the public action plan A Stronger, Safer Tomorrow to protect and empower the province’s children, youth and caregivers. The 39 actions identified in the plan – developed from the work of the Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention, with the input of community partners across the province – will help in the creation of legislation, policy and programs to support Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens.

Our responsibilities

Children’s Services focuses on early intervention, child development and delivering supports and services to children, youth and families. It works to ensure that children in Alberta have the tools they need to thrive in healthy families and communities. The ministry engages with Indigenous leaders and communities, the Government of Canada, other Government of Alberta ministries, community agencies and other stakeholders.

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