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The Minister's Teacher Advisory Council (MTAC) is a forum for current, certificated K-12 teachers with a broad range of experiences and diverse views from across the province. They will provide the minister with insights, suggestions and perspectives on key education topics.

Read the Minister's Teacher Advisory Council fact sheet


MTAC will:

  1. offer diverse perspectives to the minister and ministry staff on key education priorities and emerging topics relevant to Alberta’s education system
  2. foster open and respectful dialogue between the Minister of Education and Alberta teachers
  3. continue to build healthy and strong partnerships
  4. enhance the government's ability to understand and serve the growth needs of schools and learning in Alberta

Topics and issues relevant to collective bargaining negotiations will not be discussed by any of the minister's advisory councils.


The council will consist of 40 teachers that reflect the Alberta government’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. MTAC membership will include diversity in gender, geographical representation, job functions and roles, teaching experience, and other topics as represented with Alberta schools and the communities they serve.

Each member will be selected to serve one 10-month term. The council will meet 4 times during a term. Meetings will be held outside of work hours and will likely take 5 to 6 hours in duration over 2 workdays or on a weekend.

2021/22 Members

  • Abbey Allegro
  • Luc Arvisais
  • Paul Barsketis
  • Emilie  Belanger
  • Andreas Berko
  • Heather Brown
  • Casey Brown
  • Ryan Dueck
  • Stephanie Dufort
  • Robert Duiker
  • Kristen Finlay
  • Denelle Gale-Rowe
  • Jesse Gamble
  • Karen Gartner
  • Zainab Habib
  • Matteo Hee
  • Serena Jackson
  • Carole  Jean-Baptiste
  • Risa Kawchuk
  • Margaret Kobewka
  • Heather Lewis
  • Krystle Linic
  • Shyla Locke
  • Douglas MacKay
  • Melissa Maduro
  • Mandy Mercredi
  • Carmen Moore
  • Sue Mylde
  • Kim Patriquin
  • Jaime Peters
  • Carmen Poitras
  • Scott Raible
  • Keith Routhier
  • Evelyn Seung
  • Jody Shpur
  • Sukhjeet Singh
  • Andrea Taylor
  • Tammy Tkachuk
  • James Ward
  • Glenn Wilson
  • Peter Worthington
  • Corynn Wylie Sande


Teachers in Alberta were able to apply online if they met the following criteria:

  • attained an Alberta teaching certificate – interim or permanent


Applications are currently closed.

Selection process

To meet the needs of teachers and to include diverse perspectives, Alberta’s government is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity and to a fair and unbiased recruitment and selection process.


Connect with the Teacher Advisory Council:

Email: [email protected]

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