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The Minister’s Parent Advisory Council (MPAC) brings together 40 parents from diverse backgrounds to engage in discussions with the Minister of Education about issues, concerns and opportunities affecting schools and education in Alberta. MPAC members will provide the minister with their diverse insights, suggestions and perspectives on key education topics.

To ensure conversations between parents and the minister are inclusive and enriched with diverse perspectives, MPAC members will have a broad range of experiences and views from across the province.

Read the Minister's Parent Advisory Council fact sheet


MPAC will:

  1. offer input to the minister and ministry staff on education priorities with parent/guardian perspectives that are diverse and representative across the province – for example, geography, school authority or learning delivery type, cultural origins, language, Francophone, First Nations, Métis and Inuit, socio-economic backgrounds, experiences
  2. foster open and respectful direct dialogue between the minister and Alberta parents and guardians
  3. identify and discuss the issues and challenges faced by parents and guardians
  4. engage in dialogue focused on perspectives related to changes to the education system
  5. enhance the Alberta government's ability to understand and serve the growth needs of schools and schooling in Alberta
  6. inform parents and guardians about key ministry priorities and raise their awareness of changes taking place in the education system


The council will consist of 40 Alberta parents that reflect the Alberta government's commitment to diversity and inclusion. MPAC membership includes a range of diversity based in gender, geographical representation, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, urban and rural, experience and parental status, as represented with Alberta schools and their communities.

Each member will be selected to serve one 10-month term. The council will meet 4 times during a term. Meetings will be held outside of work hours and will likely take 5 to 6 hours in duration over 2 workdays or on a weekend.

2021/22 Members

  • Shelanda / Salma Al-Saquaf
  • Blair Anderson-Croft
  • Laura Andreas
  • Christine Aubin
  • Jamie Banks
  • Steve Berman
  • Francis Bernard
  • Giselle Black Plume
  • Jonathan Calvert
  • Kyla Coulman-Absher
  • Tara Cutarm
  • Cynthia Durnford
  • Elwin Dziwenka
  • Tiana Field-Ridley
  • Deborah Forbes
  • Neil Fraser
  • Cory Fynn
  • Maria Gana
  • Colleen Goodbrand
  • Sheralee Hardy
  • Tara Harwood
  • Jennifer Henker
  • Paul Kambeitz
  • Gillian Kerkhoven
  • Anshuman Khare
  • Laurelynn Laderoute
  • Amanda Lomboy
  • Tobi Lyons
  • Kimberley Matthews
  • Brent Melnyk
  • Dwayne Nagy
  • Ashleigh Reinhardt
  • Rand Richards
  • Jeremy Sayer
  • Delainah Velichka
  • Roxana Wackenhut
  • Melva White


Parents and guardians in Alberta were able to apply online if they meet the following criteria:

  • have one or more children in Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 education system as of September 1, 2021
  • Alberta resident


Applications are currently closed.

Selection process

To meet the needs of parents and to include diverse perspectives, Alberta’s government is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity and to a fair and unbiased recruitment and selection process.


Connect with the Parent Advisory Council:

Email: [email protected]

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