2019 Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Library Service

Nominations for the 2019 Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Library Service are now closed.

The Idea: identify and share great service

In 2009, a committee of MLAs recommended, in the Framework for the Future report on the future of Alberta's libraries, that the Government of Alberta "designate public libraries that house innovative programs, services or technologies as centres of excellence", and "package and share their knowledge and expertise."

How to designate a centre of excellence? An award from our Minister responsible for public library services seemed like the biggest endorsement we could give. An awards program is a way to identify, acknowledge and encourage best practices, and to capture and communicate ideas that can be replicated by libraries across Alberta.

Great Ideas from the Minister's Awards

Here are some of the best repeatable ideas from the Minister's Awards:

Public Library Service on a First Nations Reserve: This was achieved by developing and implementing a model to provide public library service on the Blood Tribe First Nations reserve.

Make Career Choices: Job and Career Development: This program is a community based, coordinated network of career support services for youth and adults.

Readers Festival - STARFest: This festival is a celebration of reading and writing.

OUT LOUD: This program contains several series within it to engage children and youth.

Tales for the Tall/Wii for the Tall: These are programs for the developmentally disabled, created by Airdrie Public Library.

Teens After Hours: This is a program in which teens come to the library after regular open hours, developed by Airdrie Public Library.

Project Connect: This is an initiative to deliver services to immigrants, developed by Brooks Public Library.

The Living Library: This is a program that designates individuals as "books" that can be "signed out" by library patrons. It was implemented by Calgary Public Library.

It's a Crime Not to Read: This is a literacy program by Calgary Public Library.

The Freedom Project: This is an initiative to celebrate Freedom To Read Week by Edmonton Public Library.

Law at Lunch: This is a videoconferenced program by Lethbridge Public Library.