MGA change management

Municipal Government Act implementation guidelines for municipal elected officials, administrators and industry.


The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the guide to how municipalities operate, and is one of the most significant and far-reaching statutes in Alberta. The MGA affects every Albertan, the private sector, and every ministry in the Government of Alberta in one form or another.

Since 2012, the Government of Alberta has been working with municipalities, industry and Albertans to determine what changes needed to be made to modernize the MGA. This MGA Review resulted in three pieces of legislation, and a number of regulations, which have transformed and updated the MGA to better reflect the current needs of municipalities and Albertans. The majority of the changes contained in three MGA Review amending bills and their associated regulations came into force on October 26, 2017.

Changes to the Act

The legislative checklist outlines all changes to the MGA, and lists when new requirements under the Act need to be completed.

Municipal Government Act amendments - legislative checklist

The following documents outline the specific changes to the MGA, and provide additional detail for municipal elected officials, administrators, industry and the general public.

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  • Chief Administrative Officer checklist


  • Orientation Training
  • Advertisement Bylaw - Public Notification Methods
  • Role of Administration
  • Council Petitioning Process
  • Preamble
  • Ombudsman
  • Municipal Corporate Planning
  • Public Participation Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Elected Officials
  • Council and Council Committee Meetings
  • Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks – Arbitration


  • Hierarchy and Relationship of Plans
  • Municipal Development Plans
  • Listing and Publishing of Policies
  • Impartiality of Appeal Boards
  • Jointly Initiated Amalgamations
  • Conservation Reserve
  • Environmental Reserve
  • Land-Use Policies
  • Decision Making Timelines
  • Subdivision Development and Appeals Board (SDAB) Training Requirements
  • Off-site Levies
  • Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks

Assessment and taxation

  • Incenting Brownfield Development
  • Assessment Complaints (MRAC)
  • Access to Information for Assessors and Property Owners (MRAT)
  • Linking Residential and Non-Residential Tax Rates (MRAT)
  • Assessment of Farmland Intended for Development (MRAT)
  • Sub-classing the Non-Residential Property Class

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