The Edmonton reception area for the Maintenance Enforcement Program will close permanently on December 13, 2019.

Learn how to make your payments in person or have your documents commissioned.

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Case officers will be the clients’ single point of contact in the program, instead of having multiple staff working on their file.

This new approach has been guided by our clients’ feedback and will be piloted for 18 months.

To fully explain this change, we’re sending each client a letter.

If you have not received your letter, check to see that we have your correct mailing address:

  1. Log into your MEP Accounts Online
  2. Verify your contact information
  3. Update it if necessary

Contacting your case officer

Starting February 26, you can contact your case officer by phone, email, fax or mail.

Changing your case officer

MEP will only reassign a client’s file to a different case officer if the current case officer determines a conflict of interest due to a personal relationship with the party on their file. For example, the client is the case officer’s cousin’s spouse.

Case officer responsibilities

Your case officer will respond to your phone calls, emails, faxes and letters. They will assist you by taking specific actions on your file. Examples of these actions include:

  • discussing collection actions on your file
  • negotiating your payment arrangement
  • obtaining information on your payments that have not been released
  • getting more information about a decision made on your file.

General info and basic file inquiries

If you have a general inquiry, you will receive faster service by contacting the Client Service Centre. This is for information such as:

  • general program information
  • basic file information – status and updates
  • form and document requests

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