How will government meet increasing demand in the health care system?

Demand will be met by maintaining funding, managing expenses, improving operations and reinvesting savings that are found through efficiencies.

Alberta has the funding and resources to provide the best care in Canada, including world-class facilities and dedicated, highly skilled health practitioners. Alberta’s history teaches us that ever-increasing levels of spending do not result in quality improvements. Real progress is made by setting clear priorities, reallocating funding to where it’s needed most, making evidence-based decisions, leveraging partnerships, and improving accountability mechanisms.

That’s why government is taking steps that will help us reset the system including:

  • the first comprehensive review of Alberta Health Services since its formation. The review identified opportunities for efficiencies and reallocating resources to front line services
  • working with the Alberta Medical Association to manage unsustainable spending growth and incentivize the quality of care rather than quantity of care and ensure accountability for results
  • reviewing drug benefit programs so that they support the most vulnerable and provide coverage that is in-line with other provinces
  • reallocating funding to the Surgical Wait Time initiative that will help meet the commitment that within four years, every Albertans will have surgery performed within clinically recommended timelines – an average of four months

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