Make an anonymous employment standards tip

Anyone can submit an anonymous tip about an employer who’s not following the rules.

The legislation on this page is now in effect

For information on Employment Standards legislation that was in force until December 31, 2017, go to

Basic rules

An anonymous tip:

  • isn’t the same as a formal complaint
    • Don’t submit a tip if a complaint has already been submitted.
    • Recovering unpaid wages or other entitlements can only be done through a complaint.
  • may be submitted online
  • may be filed by anyone against any employer; tips aren’t limited to submission by only employees
  • shouldn’t be submitted twice
  • must include sufficient information in order to be assessed for investigation

Not all tips will be investigated or result in enforcement action. The findings or status of a tip won’t be communicated to the person who submitted the tip because the tip is anonymous.

Choosing to make a complaint or an anonymous tip

If there’s belief that an employer isn’t meeting the minimum employment standards of the Code, a complaint or anonymous tip may be submitted to Employment Standards.

  • Complaint – as a complainant, the employee’s name and contact information is associated with the complaint.
    • A complaint is filed by an employee against an employer.
    • Employment Standards will follow the complaint resolution process.
    • See File a complaint for more information.
  • Anonymous tip – the person submitting a tip will not have their name associated with it and won’t be informed of the status or any investigation findings
    • An anonymous tip can be filed by any person and isn’t limited to just employees.

Make an anonymous tip

An anonymous tip may be made online and requires sufficient information.

Submit an anonymous tip

Disclaimer: In the event of any discrepancy between this information and Alberta Employment Standards legislation, the legislation is considered correct.

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