Building the future

Whether we're talking about oil or natural gas, Albertans are getting pennies on the dollar because we can't get our raw resources to international markets efficiently - costing the Canadian economy $80 million a day.

While we continue to work to ship more oil, we're going to do more to build value. We have made-in-Alberta solutions to refine more, upgrade more, build more oil- and gas-based products and create more jobs.

Refine more

For decades, Albertans have talked about getting more value for our oil by refining more of it.

The Government of Alberta has asked private companies to put forward their expressions of interest for building a new refinery for Alberta oil and gas by February 8, 2019.

Upgrade more

We're taking action by investing $1 billion in partial upgrading refining projects to reduce the thickness of oil sands bitumen to increase its value, lower the carbon content and allow more volume to be shipped through pipelines.

The first successful upgrader project will be built in the Industrial Heartland east of Edmonton. It will create up to 2,200 construction and operational jobs.

Create more

Crude oil and natural gas are the raw ingredients used to make plastics, fabrics, fuels and fertilizers. The petrochemical industry that makes these highly demanded products is Alberta’s largest manufacturing sector, and we’re investing in its future growth.

We're investing $2.1 billion to expand the petrochemical processing sector so we can secure and process the raw materials needed to keep this sector growing and turn our resources into products that can be sold internationally.

The projects this investment supports are expected to create $20.6 billion in new private investment and more than 15,000 good-paying construction and operations jobs.

Ship more

We're addressing the pipeline bottleneck by getting more rail cars so we can get our oil to world markets where it can fetch top dollar.

This will create enough new rail capacity to increase oil shipments by 120,000 barrels per day by the end of 2019.

We're also fighting for the construction of new pipelines - like the Trans Mountain Pipeline to the west coast and Keystone XL to the U.S. - to get our products to world markets at world prices and keep Canada working.

Collaborate more

We've established expert panels to work with industry to find new solutions that narrow the gap between the world price for energy and what Alberta gets.

The Energy Upgrading Unit brings together government, industry and workers to supercharge energy diversification across the province.

The Liquefied Natural Gas Investment Team will work with industry to secure final investment decisions for export projects.
Train more

Train more

We're investing in programs, tools and resources to help out-of-work Albertans get trained and return to the job market.

We can help you brush up on your job search techniques and connect with potential employers.

Talk with a career advisor to get free advice at Alberta Supports Centres across the province.