Local elections and councillor accountability engagement

Albertans shared their thoughts to help strengthen democracy in local elections.


We gathered feedback to help inform potential legislative changes that would improve accountability and maintain public trust in local elections and elected officials in Alberta's local governments.

Input from Albertans will build on previous feedback collected in 2021 and 2022 regarding local elections and councillor accountability and help us develop potential updates to the Municipal Government Act and the Local Authorities Election Act.

The Local Authorities Election Act establishes the framework for the conduct of elections in Alberta municipalities, school divisions, Irrigation Districts and Metis Settlements. The Municipal Government Act includes rules governing the conduct of elected officials once they have been elected to council.



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Who is listening

Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Input received

Online surveys

Albertans completed 2 online survey between November 7 and December 6, 2023, to provide their input on potential changes to local elections and councillor accountability.

Targeted sessions

Representatives of municipal associations were also contacted to gather additional input.


Findings were captured in the 2023 engagement summaries for both the Local Authorities Election Act and the Municipal Government Act.

Feedback from this engagement, as well as the input gathered from engagement conducted in 2022, helped to inform the Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2024.