The Lloydminster Competitive Adjustment Grant (the Grant) provides eligible retail fuel dealers in the border City of Lloydminster with a grant that covers the difference in total fuel tax and carbon levy imposed by Alberta and the fuel tax imposed by Saskatchewan on litres of qualifying fuel sold. The grant is administered by Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA).

Effective January 1, 2018, the Grant is:

  • 4.73 cents per litre of clear gasoline
  • 6.03 cents per litre of clear diesel
  • 5.02 cents per litre of propane used for motive purposes

The Grant applies to fuel sales starting January 1, 2017.

The Grant program will be reviewed periodically and the amounts per litre may be adjusted as provincial and federal carbon price changes are implemented.


Only retail fuel dealers on the Alberta side of Lloydminster that sell clear gasoline, clear diesel, or propane used for motive purposes directly to end consumers at retail gas stations or through cardlock activated pumps are eligible for the Grant.

A claim for the Grant cannot be made in respect of sales of clear gasoline, clear diesel, or propane used for motive purposes that is delivered. The Grant does not apply to heating fuel nor marked fuel.

Form instructions

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To submit your forms

Forms cannot be sent through email. Complete and print your forms and bring, mail or fax them to TRA.

How to register

Step 1: Fill out the registration

Step 2: Submit your registration

  • Bring, mail or fax your completed Lloydminster Competitive Adjustment Grant Registration form to TRA.

Step 3: Receive decision letter

  • If approved, you will receive a letter advising of your Alberta Business Identification Number (BIN) to be referenced on any correspondence or documents.
  • TRA has the absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of any applicant to participate in the Grant program and to determine the entitlement of any applicant to a Grant under the program, and the determination of TRA is final.

How to file a claim

A claim for the Grant must be made no later than 1 year after the end of the year in which the fuel was sold. Applications submitted after that time will not be processed and the Grant will not be paid in respect of those litres of fuel.

A Grant claim cannot be filed more often than on a monthly basis, with the Grant claim period beginning on the first day and ending on the last day of the respective calendar month.

Step 1: Fill out the claim

Step 2: Submit your claim

  • Bring, mail or fax your completed Lloydminster Competitive Adjustment Grant form to TRA.

Step 3: Receive your grant

  • Receive your grant by direct deposit or cheque. If there were changes made to your claim, a letter of assessment will be mailed to you.

How to set up direct deposit

Record keeping and audit

Record keeping requirements

A claimant must retain complete and accurate records, including financial records and supporting information provided on the claim and its eligibility to participate in the program. These records must be retained for 3 years from the date an amount is paid under the Grant program.


TRA reserves the right to verify information on a Grant registration or Grant claim.

A claimant may be required to repay part or all of the Grant if it is determined that, for example:

  • the applicant or claimant provided false information
  • the applicant or claimant was not eligible or entitled to receive the Grant
  • the Grant was received not in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Grant program

If a claimant is required to repay part or all of a Grant, interest will be charged from the time the amount was first paid to the claimant until the date on which the amount was repaid.

Grant rates

Fuel type 2018 2017
Clear gasoline 4.73 cents per litre 2.49 cents per litre
Clear diesel 6.03 cents per litre 3.35 cents per litre
Propane used for motive purposes 5.02 cents per litre 3.48 cents per litre

Publications, forms and video

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Terms and conditions


If you have trouble opening fillable PDF forms, see the form instructions.


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