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This is the Government of Alberta.

Links with icons

Usage guidelines

Use links to connect to relevant information that supports the content. Links include:

  • internal or external web page
  • emails
  • publications
  • images
  • video or audio files

External links

Follow these rules when using links to a site outside of Alberta.ca:

  • use an external link icon
  • link to authoritative and trustworthy sites
  • use anchor text correctly – link descriptive words and phrases instead of ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’


Format links with blue colour font and underlined.


  • Default colour: #0070C4
  • Hover colour: #333333
  • Focus and active colours (hover state with 2 pixel outline): #FEBA35
  • Visited: #756693
  • Disabled: 40% transparency

Content guidelines

  • Write descriptive, anchor link names with a minimum 15 characters including spaces. Generic expressions, such as ‘click here’ or ‘find out more’, provide little navigational value to someone using a screen reader.
  • Use page and document titles as the link, when applicable.
  • Use program emails but avoid personal emails.
  • Use document titles as the links, when applicable, followed by the file size in kilobytes (KB) or rounded to the nearest decimal in megabytes (MB).
  • Avoid using identical link text for different links (for example, 2 links read ‘fact sheet’, but each one links to a different URL).
  • Do not link to anchor (in-page) links on other pages
  • Do not include program or act acronyms in link text. Place them after the link in parentheses).
  • Do not write out URLs.


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