2019 Assessment Year

Utility companies (self-reported)

On September 6, 2019, the Request for Information (RFI) for designated industrial linear companies (self-reported) (2019 AY RFI) for designated industrial linear property assessment was mailed to assessed persons.

The 2019 AY RFI Report and the RFI Report Declaration Form are to be submitted to the Provincial Assessor no later than November 13, 2019.

Cable distribution undertakings

Electric power generation

Electric power transmission and distribution

Telecommunication carriers


Allocation area guide

Under the Terms and Definitions of the Request for Information, the allocation area is identified as the administrative areas defined by the assessor to determine in which municipality the linear property is located.

The RFI package also contained Excel files with designated industrial linear inventory specific to each assessed person.

If any assessed person(s) did not receive the self-reported 2019 AY RFI, please contact Maureen Maddock at 780-644-7824 or send an email to ma.alpasmail@gov.ab.ca to obtain your 2019 AY RFI documents as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the latest date for submitting your 2019 AY RFI Report and RFI Report Declaration Form for Cable Distribution Undertakings; Electric Power Generation; Electric Power Transmission and Distribution; Railway; and Telecommunication Carriers is November 13, 2019.